Did you know Canadians produce a whopping 72O kilos of garbage per capita every year? Here at Island Junk Removal Solutions, we’re committed to doing our part to reduce that statistic. One major way to reduce impact on the landfill is to recirculate anything that is still in good condition. Your unwanted items may be just what someone else is looking for.

When you hire us to haul away junk, we’ll set aside any donatable items and deliver to charitable organizations around Victoria where they will eventually find a new home. We provide this drop off service for free!

What Items are Donatable?

Questions we are often asked include:

Where can I recycle a TV?

What about electronics recycling—is there any use for my out of date electronics gadgets?

What should I do with all these old books?

Often, the answer is to donate them. Clothes, toys, furniture, fixtures, building materials, dishes and kitchen utensils can all be donated. Electronics that still work may be of use to someone who can’t afford the latest gadgets. Stereo speakers, TVs, computers, cameras and DVD players are all donatable.