Controlled and Hazardous Waste

When it comes to controlled and hazardous waste disposal, we are trained to ensure the safety of you, our team, and residents in your building or neighbourhood. Our expertise enables us to identify these substances, separate them from regular household garbage and dispose of them professionally and responsibly.

As a CRD operated facility, Hartland Landfill has strict requirements for controlled and hazardous waste disposal, and may require permits for certain items. Our start to finish junk removal services include all aspects of safe disposal of any items we identify as controlled or hazardous waste.

Controlled and Hazardous Waste—What’s the Difference?

Controlled waste includes items that pose a potential health threat or environmental hazard, and therefore cannot be included with ordinary household garbage disposal. Hartland Landfill contains these substances in separate trenches to control rodents, odours and leachate.

When you hire Island Junk Removal Solutions for controlled waste disposal, we identify these items and handle the special permits required by Hartland Landfill. Examples of controlled waste include:

  • Animal waste and deceased animals
  • Non-Asbestos vermiculite insulation
  • Uncontaminated demolition waste
  • Used hypodermic needles
  • Bed bug infested mattresses and furniture
  • Contaminated food