Did you know that Hartland Landfill accepts more than 80 different recyclable items across 25 categories of materials?

Just because something isn’t accepted at the curb along with your Blue Box materials, doesn’t mean you can’t recycle it!

From battery recycling and mattress disposal to knowing where to recycle electronics, we understand how difficult it can be to know what can be recycled, and where to take it. We are happy to take this problem off your hands. There’s no need to separate recyclables from the rest of your household junk; we can do this for you quickly and efficiently.

What’s Recyclable?

Much of what we regularly throw away can be used again. Recyclable items include metals, electronics, paper, cardboard, paints, chemicals, oils, tires, appliances, lightbulbs, batteries and more. We sort our loads onsite and recycle as much as possible ourselves to save you money on the final dumping fee. Items like glass Styrofoam and small amounts of plastics and wood are recycled by the pros at the depot where we dump our truck.

Want more information about what you can recycle in British Columbia? Check out this extensive list that we are happy to assist with.