Island Junk Removal Solutions owner Wes Roberts has a trained eye for spotting hidden treasures in the trash. He honed this skill over years of repurposing discarded items to reuse or sell. When you hire us for your junk removal, we translate Wes’s expertise into extra savings for you!

As we sort your load, we’ll set aside anything we spot with resale value. We’ll either buy the piece from you; or sell it your behalf and use the proceeds to reduce your garbage removal fee.

This valuable extra service sets us apart as a full-service junk removal company. Antiques and collectibles are always in demand, as are items with “good bones” that can be refurbished. This is one of our passions, and one of our favourite aspects of the home junk removal industry! We’re happy apply our expertise towards reducing your junk pick up costs.

The Value in Overlooked Items

Have you ever given something away, not realizing until too late that the item was collectible or had resale value? Maybe you know some of your giveaway items are worth money, but you don’t know where to get rid of old furniture, collectibles or resalable items. Vintage clothing, vinyl records, decorative accessories and antique paintings can be resold. But it takes time to list each piece online, or research auctions and second-hand shops that will buy from you.