At Island Junk Removal Solutions, our services go beyond simple junk hauling and removal.

Did you know we handle small demolition projects too?

Maybe it’s time for a new patio or deck. Perhaps you bought a new home; or are getting ready to list your current home for sale and you want to get rid of an old garden shed cluttering up the backyard. Before you get out the pry bars, sledge hammers and screw drivers, consider giving us a call. We’ll bring down unwanted structures, take care of debris disposal, and leave you with a site that’s clean and ready for the next project.

Structures we can demolish include:

  • Derelict, old garden sheds
  • Rotting wood patios
  • Old fences, lattices and gates made from a variety of materials
  • Arches, arbours, trellises and other plant climbing structures
  • Old playhouses and treehouses
  • Gazebos and pergolas
  • Ponds and water features
  • RV Shelters
  • Awnings and patio roofs


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